Pet Dental Services

When was the last time you had a pet dental appointment? At Best Pets Animal Clinic, we provide comprehensive dental services, from cleaning to extraction. Dental disease can happen with pets too, but often pets don’t undergo routine dental care, and these problems can cause other health issues for them over time.


Make Sure Your Pet Has a Healthy Smile

Pets get cavities, broken teeth, and infections just like you and me. But the difference is that they usually don’t react the way that we do. When we get a toothache, we can’t do anything but complain! With cats and dogs, they often don’t act like anything is wrong.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t hurting them, but animals do react to pain differently. A dental inspection is needed to make sure your pet’s smile is healthy and to diagnose any pet dental issues. Some pets, such as animals with particularly small jaws like small breed dogs, are often going to need teeth pulled because of crowding. Other dogs may almost never experience issues, and cats tend to experience more serious issues as they grow older.

When issues are found such as cracked teeth, it’s usually easier to pull them rather than fill them. Pulling a tooth usually won’t adversely impact a pet at all. In fact, many pets are perfectly fine without any teeth at all. It’s better that they are comfortable!

Keeping Your Pet Healthy With Preventative Care

Your pet can’t brush their teeth. Regular dental cleanings are necessary to make sure that they have a healthy smile. Preventative care will avoid issues such as cracked teeth, which is healthier for your pet and cheaper for you. It will also freshen their breath!

It’s advised that your pet have a dental cleaning on an annual basis. During this time, we can also check for any issues that need to be resolved. Dental cleaning is delivered under mild sedation so your pet is never stressed.

At Best Pets Animal Clinic, we can also show you the best way to care for your pet’s teeth at home and show you products that you can use to keep your pet’s teeth cleaned. If there are any extractions needed, we can also do those too.

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